First, some introductions.

Everyone, meet the Catholic Right.  They oppose gay marriage, contraception, and masturbation, but they’re not necessarily bigots or idiots. In fact, every blog I’m linking below is well-written and clever, with challenging arguments that (pretty accurately) reflect the teachings of the Church hierarchy.  Everyone, if you’re not clever and if you’re not careful, they will snark your arguments into oblivion.

Acts of the Apostasy

Bad Catholic

Little Catholic Bubble

The Ruth Institute Blog

Shameless Popery

St. Joseph’s Vanguard

Catholic Right, I get that you feel misunderstood.  You hate being called bigoted and you think no one takes the time to understand your arguments.  You think you stand on the bedrock of Objective Reason, while everyone who opposes you is basing their stance on wobbly emotions.  I get it, but I also don’t think you’ve been reading the best of what the other side has to say.  If you want to be taken seriously, you need to make the following blogs part of your routine:

Box Turtle Bulletin

Waking Up Now


Andrew Sullivan


Amanda Marcotte

Jonathan Rauch

Queering the Church

Everyone, Catholic Right.  Catholic Right, Everyone.  Now let’s get down to business.


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