Places I’ve Dissertated + I Am (almost) Back


[Havana, Cuba, 2012]

I’ve thought about putting together a tumblr called “Places I’ve Dissertated” with photos like the one above, just to trace all of the locations–all the kitchen tables, coffee houses, libraries–to which this massive, years-long project has followed me. All the cities and towns, too: from Austin, to Willow City, to Seattle, to Atlanta… Unfortunately, I haven’t been systematic about taking pictures of myself working, and some of the pictures I did take (like one from the pickup truck on the ranch) are trapped on lost phones and old computers, so the tumblr wouldn’t be as impressive as it might have been. This one post will have to do–hopefully it will give you an idea of what I finally got off my chest last Friday when I successfully defended.

Because I did successfully defend, and while I’ve still got teaching and job-hunting going on, that means I’m expecting to have more time in the upcoming weeks to devote to Letters to the Catholic Right.


[Top: Austin, Texas 2014; middle: Georgetown, Texas, 2013; bottom: Austin, Texas, 2014]

In fact, I planned to launch back into hardcore blogging this week, with a return to my series on Anthony Esolen’s Defending Marriage. Unfortunately, I received some bad news yesterday: we’ve had an unexpected death in the family, somebody close to us, and I’m going to spend some time processing that and visiting with family.

I’ve got a few links and quotes I’ve been wanting to share with you all, and I’ll try to post those in the next few days, travel permitting. But I’m going to put serious writing on hold for just a little while longer.

As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience.

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