Do These Guys Have No Self-Awareness? Seriously?

Last week, I linked to John Shimek’s post at insisting that President Obama’s refusal to use federal funds to discriminate against gays really represents (like everything Obama does, amirite?) a frontal attack on religious liberty.

This week, Shimek gives us “Three Reasons Obama’s Newest Attack on Religious Liberty Concerns Catholics.” I’ll let you read the whole article, but one paragraph stunned me with its obliviousness. Last week, when Shimek complained that Catholic adoption agencies, for example, might lose federal funding under this order, I made a simple suggestion: fund your agencies without federal help. In this second post, Shimek answers objections like mine:

But, some are calling upon the Church to wash her hands of her federal contractor status and to re-commit to performing her good works independent of Obama’s dollars. Folks, let’s not forget something here: Those are our dollars. They belong to the American people. We gave them to the Feds. Catholics have as much a right to them as anyone else. So, let’s not allow the Feds to crowd us out because we refuse to conform to Obama’s radical social agenda.

Sheesh. Yes, Shimek. Those dollars belong to the American people. We all gave them to the Feds. Think about that for a minute.


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