Caris Adel on “Domesticating God”

Caris Adel, via Carly Gelsinger’s blog, has a be-a-u-ti-ful post contrasting the “domesticated God” with the idea of the “Glorious Impossible.” It gets at a lot of what I was trying to say in my posts on the Episcopal Church (herehere, and here), and it does it a lot more elegantly than I did. Adel writes:

Ok, there is holy water that has to be disposed of sacredly, but why, how?  So something happens when people are baptized, but what?  How?  Where are the proof-texted verses to back that up?  Believer’s baptism is so central to evangelical theology, what do you mean the church doesn’t have any books on infant baptism?


It’s much harder to sit in mystery and sacrament than I would have imagined.  I can see why it is so easy to domesticate God.  Why it’s so convenient to proof-text our way to a theology.  There is something so appealing about knowing the right answer and being done with it.


Maybe I’m just a ‘creative’ and need a little mysticism in my life, and the Episcopal Church is the only way I know how to find it.  But when I see heads bowing to the cross, and notice so many knees bent in prayer every Sunday, I can’t help but be aware of a holy awe that I never knew when I was focused on the answers. 

Love it.


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