Whose Keyboard is Spittle-Flecked?

If you can stand it, read all of Father John Zuhlsdorf’s reaction to the Charlotte situation, linked in my previous post, and compare it to the online petition written by Catholic High student Emma Winters. In an ungrammatical, typo-riddled mess, Father Zuhlsdorf accuses Ms. Winters and her classmates of being “whiners” and mocks parts of her petition as “stupid” and “manipulative.”

Ironically, he also calls her petition “spittle-flecked nutty, bullying, intimidation [sic].”

Like I said, compare.

Another follow-up: this blog is “Letters to the Catholic Right,” and I really do intend it to be seen by the Catholic Right. And I welcome responses from a) the people I write about and b) folks who agree with them. I almost never get that, though, so I was glad that blogger Katrina Fernandez, whom I mentioned in the previous post (and a tweet), at least replied via a twitter:


If you read my post, you know that I didn’t say that criticism is the same thing as hate—I didn’t even say that Sister Jane Dominic’s presentation was motivated by hate. I just pointed out that you can’t defend her talk as doctrine, at least not the parts to which Catholic High’s students are objecting. Nor can you defend it as objective truth. And I tied those facts to a question I had been answering in a previous post—why the Catholic Right’s “love” is so often taken as hate.

So Fernandez missed the point of the post, and avoided the questions I asked at the end of it. But it was good to get a response.


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