There’s Your Trouble

I’m really into emblems these days, I guess. The office in the Victorian house from which “persecuted” academic Mark Regnerus conducts his research, for example. And yesterday, there was this article by Fr. Dwight Longenecker: “The Clash in Comtemporary Christianity.”

Longenecker argues that Protestantism and “sadly, most of American Catholicism” have been reduced to what he calls (borrowing from Rod Dreher) “moralistic therapeutic deism.” I disagree with his analysis, but I’d  let the whole post slide by except for this paragraph at the end:

And yet despite the fact that more and more people are abandoning this false religion the modernists keep dishing up more of the same. They are like the insane people who, seeing the rise in teen pregnancies, say, ‘I guess we need MORE sex education at a younger age.’ They’re like the socialists who see poverty increasing as a result of their programs and say, ‘I guess we need MORE socialism.’

Teen pregnancies, of course, are at historic lows.

How emblematic is that? Both the mistake and vehemence with which he makes it: people who support sex ed are insane. Doesn’t that perfectly capture the disengagement from reality that characterizes certain elements of the religious right?

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