Cardinal O’Malley’s Dumb Question: So Who is Obsessed?

Boston’s Cardinal O’Malley in an interview with the Boston Herald:

On the pope’s comments about the Church needing to move away from its “obsession” with talks on abortion, gays and contraception:

“The normal Catholic in the parish might hear a sermon on abortion once a year. They’ll never hear a sermon on homosexuality or gay marriage. They’ll never hear a sermon about contraception. But if you look at the New York Times, in the course of a week, there will be 20 articles on those topics. So who is obsessed?

Two things.

First, I love how he dodges the part about the pope. Once again, who cares what that Francis guy says, right? What does he know?

Second, what a dumb response.

“So who is obsessed?” Really? Think about the dynamics of the worldwide gay marriage debate.

Look, if you’re harming a group of people, or advocating harm to them, it’s not “obsession” that causes them to ask you to stop, even if they ask it every day. It’s not “obsession” that causes their friends to tell you to lay off. On the other hand, if you loudly assert your right to keep harming them, even though harming them doesn’t benefit you one bit, they absolutely have the right to call you obsessed—even if you only speak up once or twice a year.

EDIT: For another perspective, here’s Carson Holloway at on the interview.

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