We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live

didion book cover

Three people who just don’t get it:

1. Professor Janet E. Smith at catholicvote.org:

“If more people knew precisely what kind of sexual acts homosexuals – and heterosexuals whose desires are shaped by use of pornography — perform, with whom, and how often, and what are the common consequences, there would be fewer who think homosexual acts and pornography are just another way of living out one’s sexuality.”

Yeah, that’s it. Maybe if we just thought more about gay sex acts, we’d all oppose gay marriage.

2. Ryan T. Anderson at Aleteia on why young people tend to oppose abortion but support marriage equality:

“I think it’s largely that they haven’t had the argument made to them. Forty years ago, you wouldn’t have had as high numbers among the younger generation identifying as pro-life. Forty years ago, they were telling us that pro-lifers were on the wrong side of history, that all young people were in favor of abortion and that forty years from now, it would just be geriatrics and the Pope who would be the last pro-lifers on earth.”

Yeah, that’s it. No one has heard your argument.

3. Joe Heschmeyer at Shameless Popery on the plan to marginalize views like his:

There are smart, erudite advocates for traditional marriage, like Robert P. George, Sherif Girgis and Ryan T. Anderson. And then there are hateful lunatics like Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. Obviously, focus the spotlight on the latter group. The same thing is true across the board: when you present the pro-life side, the religious side, the anti-HHS side, etc., don’t choose anyone actually credible: choose someone who is a widely-rejected fringe figure. Barring that, choose random people off the street to interview.

Yeah, that’s it. No one is giving any attention to Robert George and more “erudite” gay marriage opponents.

In the words of Joan Didion, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”


One thought on “We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live

  1. “If more people knew precisely what kind of sexual acts homosexuals….perform…..”

    This argument can so, so easily be reversed. The missing word in the sentence quoted is “some”, as in “some” homosexuals. But “some” heterosexuals also perform completely unacceptable acts, sexual and otherwise.

    Some opposite – sex marriages feature partnerships in which the men are so dominant and abusive that their wives are subject to marital rape,and domestic violence, their children terrified of their fathers. On the other hand, research just out from the Open University, shows conclusively that on average, same – sex couples are generally happier than their opposite- sex counterparts.

    If more people were aware of just how dysfunctional straight marriage could be, then there would be fewer people simply accepting it as just another, acceptable lifestyle choice.[ and only same – sex partnerships would be granted legal recognition

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