Your Heresy for Today

NPR has an article on the Sunday Assembly, a “Church for the Godless,” that seeks to provide its members with the good things that people get from going to church (a sense of fellowship and community, impetus for self-improvement, etc.) without all that pesky God-talk. The picture that accompanies the story shows a bunch of people singing along to (we’re told) a pop song, looking joyful and enthusiastic. One person interviewed says, “I don’t believe in God, and so going to church, even with Unitarian church, it’s not so explicitly God-y, but there’s still some spirituality that just doesn’t resonate for me at all, so I’ve been hoping for this sort of community experience for a long time.”

As a Christian, I know I’m supposed to see this as a Very Bad Thing, but I don’t. I’m reminded of Lillian Daniel’s words on a very different topic, from the video above:

“You cannot shut God out of a school. You cannot shut God out of a school. It is absurd. What kind of God is this, pathetically, sadly, knocking at the door and it’s locked and God can’t get in?”

You can’t shut God out of a church, either. Least of all if you’re getting together to do good, build a healthy community, and listen to good music. That’s what God is, right?

3 thoughts on “Your Heresy for Today

  1. Lillian doesn’t belong on the pulpit.

    God only comes to us with our permission.

    And our permission is expressed in prayer.

    God is indeed shut out of public school if prayer is not strongly encouraged and practiced in every classroom, every day.

    It is through prayer that we carry God around in our hearts.

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