John Corvino on Aquinas and the New Natural Law

Last year, I linked to Corvino’s video “Is Homosexuality Unnatural?” I don’t know how I missed this, but he’s got a great new video series out this year related to his book What’s Wrong With Homosexuality? Here’s a sample, “The Purpose of Sex: Masturbation, Aquinas and the New Natural Law.”

(I’ll be returning to this subject later today, btw, to respond to Robert George, Sherif Girgis, & Ryan Anderson’s new article in Public Discourse, “What Makes a Marriage? Love, Sex, or Comprehensive Union.”)

3 thoughts on “John Corvino on Aquinas and the New Natural Law

  1. Thanks for alerting me to this. There’s a great deal that needs to be said about the distortions of Aquinas’ understanding of natural law to support “traditional” marriage, while suppressing what he wrote about the naturalness of same – sex relationships for those whom modern terminology would describe as having a same – sex orientation.

    I look forward to reading your observations when you get there – and of course, Corvino’s book itself.

    • Glad you liked it, Terence! I admit that I had a dim view of Aquinas for a long time, mostly because of the way folks like Robert George write about him. But I’m learning there’s a lot more to his writings than I knew.

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