This is awkward.

I’ve said before that anyone who uses the Mark Regnerus study to make a point about the parenting abilities of gay couples is either lying or ignorant of its data. 

Guess what the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops just did?

According to this article by Peter Montgomery, in their amicus brief for the Supreme Court’s Prop 8 trial, the Bishops characterize the Regnerus study as “finding that children raised by married biological parents fared better in a range of significant outcomes than children raised in same-sex households.”  

That is a deeply misleading/dishonest/untruthful statement. As Montgomery puts it:

But that’s not what the Regnerus study studied. A website set up by the Witherspoon Institute, which funded the study, says “although it would have been helpful” to do that, it wasn’t “feasible.”  What Regnerus did study was “adult children of parents who have, or have had, same-sex relationships.” And he compared those – including children of divorced or single parents – with children raised by a married mom and dad.”

So. Bishops: in your amicus brief to the Supreme Court of the United States, were you lying, or were you just ignorant of the study you cited?

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