Rob Tisinai Rebuts the Rebutter

Catholic blogger Brandon Vogt has a post at Our Sunday Visitor that he thinks offers “Rebuttals to Arguments for Same Sex Marriage,” and it has been cited at and other rightwing Catholic sites. It’s bad. Very bad. It’s full of pseudo-logic and straw men, and it even misleadingly trots out the Mark Regnerus study for good measure. Most heinously, it ignores the real argument for gay marriage, which is that marriage is good for society and good for its participants (gay or straight) for lots of reasons, reasons that go beyond procreation.

Rob Tisinai at and is patiently taking apart Vogt’s article, point-by-point. You should check out his work: here he is having fun with Vogt’s lame attempt to explain why elderly and infertile couples should be allowed to marry but not gays.


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