One more thing re: Chick-fil-A

This time to you, Catholic Right:

I know you’re already filing this incident away, Catholic Right, for use in future debates.  But when you start to use this as evidence of “the intolerance of the tolerant left,’ remember that a large contingent of gay marriage supporters is condemning mssrs. Menino, Moreno and Emanuel.  Here are few examples:

Glenn Greenwald

The Atlantic

The Boston Globe

Bookmark this.

EDIT, Sat. July 29: Now that Andrew Sullivan and Amanda Marcotte have come down, strongly, in support of Chick-fil-A’s first amendment rights, I feel like indulging in a small amount of gloating.  See, Catholic Right, I started this blog in part because I got tired of you accusing your opponents of hypocrisy and inconsistency.  I theorized that you were just reading the wrong people—and my reading list continues to prove me right.  So thanks, reading list, and once again, Catholic Right: bookmark this.

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