The Reverend Horton Heat sums up my thoughts on Chick-fil-A.  And on so much more.

That said: come on, Boston and Chicago.  Get it together.  I’m talking to you, Boston mayor Thomas Menino, Chicago alderman Joe Moreno, and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Each of you has vowed to keep the fast food giant out of your jurisdiction.  

This is not cool.  It’s un-American.  Chick-fil-A hasn’t broken the law, and they aren’t being accused of discriminatory hiring or serving practices.  They’re just run by people on the wrong side of history.  And backwards as those views may be, people are allowed to hold them and simultaneously run a business in this country.

What’s more, threatening to “ban” Chick-fil-A is unhelpful to the good guys.  It just feeds the religious right’s martyr complex, and gives them ammunition in their arguments about “liberal hypocrisy” and threats to religious freedom. 

So cut out the banning talk, guys.  It’s not the way our side works.

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