UPDATE: 5/28

UPDATE 5/28:  You’re 0 fer 2, Catholic Right.  Rod Dreher and Mark Shea have both chimed in, inexplicably, on the side of oppression.  Shea has the gall to try to turn this into another form of Catholic victimization, calling Obama a “lawless tyrant” for speaking up for the right of my church to administer its sacraments. 

In fairness, neither Shea nor Dreher seems to understand what’s going on: Dreher worries about what will happen “if this goes through” (his desired amendments to the bill are already in the House version, and are awaiting reconciliation with the Senate bill).  They both focus on the conscience clause of section 536, which Obama also opposes, but which merely duplicates protections military chaplains already have:

“Chaplains will not be required to perform a religious role (such as offering a prayer, reading, dedication, or blessing) in worship services, command ceremonies, or other events, if doing so would be in variance with the tenets or practices of their faith.”

-AR 165-1 Army Chaplain Corps Activities

Not a good start, Catholic Right.  Come on.  Prove to me that your concern for religious liberty is objective and apolitical.

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